Do it Susan!

This isn’t a story about any famous rockstars or even mildly famous musicians. I found it on a site where people can share unbelievable anecdotes they’ve been a part of while doing something music related. I found it extremely interesting and educational. This is how the story was told:

„One of our guitar players lives just a couple of blocks from a micro-sized bar and I must emphasize micro. This was fall of 2011. Our band was only a few months old and this was our first time there.

They literally move a pool table for the band and that is about how much room you have to set up. But it’s a fun little place with a loyal local crowd that loves to party and packs it in.

About half-way through our gig a crowd of older women come in obviously already enjoying themselves. I’d guess early 50’s to some blue hairs. Turned out they were celebrating one of the ladies 80th birthday.

Despite our hard rock repertoire they were loving us and dancing to every song.
At the end of a song the birthday girl politely asked our guitarist if she could say something over the mic. He was like “sure it’s your birthday have fun.” Now mind you this lady is 80 years old tonight and looks like a typical great-grandma. Well she grabs the mic and screams at the top of her lungs:
“I AM MESSED UP!” Our jaws hit the floor. That was the last thing we were expecting from her mouth. But everyone was cheering and laughing and after we got over the shock we were laughing too. Man I wish we had that on camera.”

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This story proves the ”is age even a thing?” theory.  Even you can become the 80 year old lady…metaphorically.

Napisao: Marko Duvnjak