A message to the leaders

As time keeps passing tensions in our world rise. Despite this being the most peaceful time in mankind’s history, we face a threat.

Rumors and theories, followed by fear of the common people of this world are present, as we believe we’re on the brink of a new war once more. This is a message to all the leaders. A message that I greatly doubt will ever be read by more than a few, but I still write hoping that my voice will be heard.

Do you know why we have leaders – presidents, queens, prime ministers, emperors? Nowadays, it is believed that these are just some privileged people who tell us what we must do and how to live our lives. Privileged people who just give a bunch of orders, not caring how this affects their people or the world, and in return get paid regardless of the outcome.

But this is not the meaning of a leader.

The word itself says it. They’re meant to lead. A leader, no matter the precise title they hold in their respective country, is meant to lead his people. The masses are meant to be lead, but not to greatness or glory, but to safety. We people are capable of caring for ourselves, but it is you, the leaders who are meant to help us find the best way to do so and to keep us safe. A leader is no more than a person without their people. You were chosen because we saw some hope in you and believed that your promises were worth living for.

War is not such a thing.

You are meant to lead us, keep us safe and happy, yet why do you wage war? What is the reason you send the people who believed in your leadership to die? What is the reason you allow your people to die, economy to fall and cities to burn when all you may gain is a small tract of land or most likely nothing at all. In war you gain nothing.

Do not wage war. We do not want it, we do not need it. We, the people, the masses, do not wish to die for the interest of you few politicians who stand above us.

Do not attack, protect.

President Putin, do not wage war on Saudi Arabia because of their attack on Syria, but instead protect. Protect the people you have, and protect the people of Syria.

President Obama and the future, not yet elected, president of the United States of America, do not wage war, because protecting your country does not mean fighting other people’s battles on foreign soil.

Prime Minister Angela Merkel, you have made Germany a heaven in Europe, and kept your people, and the people that came to you seeking help safe. Continue to protect them, do not wage war.

Prime minister David Cameron, you lead a once noble country that through wars gained but also lost everything. You should know your history well and I beg you to learn from it, do not wage war.

Prime minister Shinzo Abe, your country is loved and known for many things. It is a country of honor and pride. Do not sacrifice such great titles to be a winner of great battles. It’s not worth it. Do not wage war.

President Xi Jinping do not get involved in the wars of other countries. Your people are dying of air pollution, why should they die of bullets and bombs as well.

Do not wage war, for war never changes, it only grows more deadly.


Napisala: Petra Dolovski