Alien is a famous classic horror film by the director Ridley Scott. It is a sci-fi movie, about a crew of men and woman on a spacecraft traveling through space. The crew discovers a distress signal, which ends up being a crashed alien spaceship. Upon looking through the wreckage, they accidentally discover a hostile alien life-form, which they bring back to their ship. It proceeds to hunt them down, and as the plot unfolds, it appears that something more sinister is going on.


Alien is one of my favorite horror movies of all time. Ridley Scott did a great job directing it, the aesthetic, its general look and the feeling of the sci-fi world are great, and they really help the viewer to get immersed in the movie. The music and sound effects really make the movie great. Even if the music being so unnerving and unnatural, the sound cues are helping to emphasize the scarier parts of the film. The lighting and use of fog and darkness to conceal the view of the alien also help build up tension and make the alien a real terror.

12988132_616967375120223_2053052746_nThe acting in the movie was great. The main character, Ripley, is played by Sigourney Weaver, and she plays her role very well. This was actually her first major acting role, and she won numerous awards for it! The rest of the cast was also very believable, and helped me believe that I was actually there in the movie. This made the horror and threat of the alien all that more real and terrifying. Overall, the film was great, thrilling and scary all at the same time.

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