Blade Runner (1982)


Dark, weird and beautifully shot, Blade Runner is a neonoir film for the ages. When released it was panned by critics, but has since found a loyal fanbase especially because of the internet. Today it’s considerd a sci-fi classic. The film is set in a dystopian Los Angeles in 2019 where intelligent robots who look exactly like humans called ”The Replicants” are used for dangerous work in outer space. The movie’s protagonist, Rick Deckard played by Harrison Ford is a special police operative or a ”Blade Runner” who hunts down the escaped replicants.

The film starts when a group of replicants led by a superior replicant Roy Batty (Rutger Hauer) steals a space ship and escapes back to earth hiding in the city and causing chaos. Through the whole film we are given hints that the robots are just trying to survive and question what they are. In fact they are humanized through their showing of fear and rage so that the viewer connects with them in a way.
image011What makes this film special is the amazing imagery of the futuristic city and style of filming in the action scenes as well as the strong acting delivered by Harrison Ford and especially by Rutger Hauer who, in my opinion, delivers his best performance ever. After the nervewracking fight scene between them the movie ends with Rick, barley surviving the brutal fight but questioning both himself and the fate of the replicants. Back in the beginning of the film we are told that sometimes replicants don’t even know they’re not human, leaving the viewer to wonder whether Rick is a replicant himself.



Napisao: Frano Pahor