Flowers of War (2011)

Set during Japan’s Second Sino-Japanese War invasion of China the film depicts the tragic fates of a group of people who find themselves hiding in a church during the attack on the city of Nanking. The plot isn’t really focused on the historical accuracy of the event as much as on the characters facing the horrors of war.


Its protagonist John Miller ( Christian Bale ) is a mortician sent into the city to bury the head priest in one of the convents run by the Catholic Church on Chinese ground. When the invasion starts he decides to pretend to be the dead priest to save his life because the church and the westeners in it can’t be harmed by the Japanese due to the peace agreement. But he is not alone in the church , with him there is a group of young girls, students at the convent. What makes the plot more interesting is the 13 prostitutes who take shelter in the church too. The girls and the prostitutes don’t get along at all creating an almost comic situation.


The movie’s ending contains an amazing plot twist and the film leaves you simply heartbroken. I also must compliment the soundtrack which is done really well and it sets a great emotional background for the entire film .The only complaint I have is the casting for the main character. I think Christian Bale is an amazing actor but it feels like he was casted just because of his name so he could bring publicity to the film . This doesn’t ruin it, Bale still puts on a great performance worthy of the plot and the beautiful filming .


Napisao: Frano Pahor