From inside

Did you know that grunge is not dead? Or at least, as people call it : alternative rock and grunge with just a sprinkle of metal. Arya is a great band from Umag with young and energetic members. Dino plays the guitar and sings, Elvin, the most handsome one, plays the bass, and Martin plays the drums and sings back-up vocals. Martin, who you probably know, actually has recently finished his final year in our school, but you know, no big deal.


They’ve been going at it for almost a year and a half, and last week they released their first song called “From inside”.  Give it a listen. It’s darn good.

I had a ton of opportunities to hang out with the guys and have seen them live a few times. They keep the wheel turning, without letting their kind of music to fade away.


Following “From inside” there will be quite a few more songs they have up their sleeve. I’ll leave the rest of the enjoyment with finding a new great band to you. Check them out and show some support.


Napisao: Marko Duvnjak