„Inkheart“, Cornelia Funke

If you’ve ever wondered what would happen if characters from the book came to life, this book can be the answer to your question.


Life has changed for the 12 year old Meggie when she finds out that her father Mortimer (Mo) has a unique ability to bring characters or objects taken from the book to life. However, while he is reading, something from the real world transfers into the book. One night while he was reading a book called Inkheart to his wife, a story set in medieval times and filled with magical creatures, he brings two villains Capricorn and Basta, and Dustfinger, a fire-eater to life, but unfortunately on the other hand his wife ends up trapped in the book. Now 10 years later, Capricorn kidnaps Mo’s daughter and demands him to bring other evil fictional characters to life. And that’s where the story gets interesting.


The book is phenomenal. The story is full of adventure and surprises, the descriptions are great and the characters are pretty awesome. Even if the book might seem a bit childish, it’s mostly not suitable for children. Inkheart is the first book of the Inkheart trilogy, and in 2008  it becomes a movie starring Brandon Freiser as Mo and Eliza Bennett as Meggie.

Napisala: Nera Bazina