Interstellar is a Sci-fi film by Christopher Nolan. The plot is about a crew of astronauts who are sent out to try to  find a new home for humanity through a wormhole that has appeared next to Jupiter. It stars Matthew McConaughey, who plays the astronaut Cooper, and Anne Hathaway who plays the astronaut Amelia Brand.


 I think that the movie has a very good and interesting plot. It takes place in the future, where we have used up most of the Earth’s resources, running out of food, and are at the whim of ecological disasters. Christopher Nolan, who plays Cooper, is a former Spacecraft pilot who is now running a ranch. Through an unusual turn of events, he eventually finds himself with the remnants of NASA, who are working on a secret mission to travel through a wormhole that has appeared trying to find a new world for humans to live on. Cooper agrees to go on the mission, and he and his crew head out.


Their adventure ends up fraught with peril and tense moments, and due to time being stretched for them, decades pass on Earth while they are on their mission. Eventually, Cooper enters a black hole, and finds out that it were actually humans from the future who not only led him to NASA, but opened the wormhole. I loved the plot, and thought it had a nice blend of intrigue, action, and suspense. I was curious the whole way through, and it was a very smart and well thought out movie as well.

The acting in the movie was great. Christopher Nolan played his part very well, as did Anne Hathaway. The actor who played Murphey, Cooper’s daughter, did an excellent job as well, and I thought she acted like a very believable kid in that situation. Some of the other actors were good as well, such as the crew of the ship sent out to find the new home, and the stranded astronaut, Dr Mann, who was played by Matt Damon.


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