Maggie’s shocking farm

Writing for the first time on the new school portal I’m going to tell you about one of the most groundbreaking events in early rock history…The first time Bob Dylan introduced an electric guitar to his fans on live stage.

An amazing songwriter and musician (With questionable vocal abilities…but who am I to judge?) Bob Dylan was usually known for playing live, alone with his acoustic guitar and his trusty harmonica. However, this time was different.
At the 1965 Newport folk festival where he was about to play, Bob made a spontaneous decision to change it up and play with a fully amplified band. His crew was sceptical about the decision but according to his roadie he said: “Well, f*** them if they think they can keep electricity out of here, I’ll do it.” He then found a band to play with and rehearsed the night before the festival.


,,I am not going to work on Maggie’s farm no more
Well, I try my best
 To be just like I am
 But everybody wants you
 To be just like them
They say sing while you slave and I just get bored
I am not going to work on Maggie’s farm no more

After playing the first song named ”Maggie’s farm” you could hear booing and cheering from the audience at the same time. Some say it was the hardcore country fans who disliked Dylan playing an electric guitar and some say the booing came from the ones who were not satisfied with the short duration of the set. Whatever it is, it was said that Bob Dylan “electrified one half of his audience, and electrocuted the other.”

Napisao: Marko Duvnjak