”Strele v maju”

,,Vselej mi, v jeziku istem sanjamo” say the lyrics of a new local single by Siddharta meaning: after all, we all dream in the same language.

Siddharta is a slovenian rock band, actually the best slovenian rock band and one of the best bands around.


The song is a colaboration with a well known Croatian singer, Damir Urban. They are sharing the single but it’s also a part of Siddharta‘s recent album ”Ultra”.


With the everlasting tensions between neighbour countries and people fighting because of a few different words in their dictionaries, someone had to send out a message. Siddharta took their chance and once again showed how messages should be. Strong and meaningful.

The same view of the world, time and recent events is what made Siddharta and Urban to join forces. The friendship between the artists proved the key point of the song. The key of making a change, and it’s been said multiple times in the song…togetherness.

Napisao: Marko Duvnjak