The best example of great style at out school is the 18 year old student of tourism and hospitality Maks Valentin Kozlović. His style is best described as a mixture of casual, sporty pieces with some elegant ones forming simple yet captivating youthful combinations. As a proof of those facts, the questionnaire given to our students showed that they also had the same opinion about Maks’s style.


As an example of combining casualty with elegance, Maks likes to pair plain shirts with some contrasting sweatshirts to create a great fusion of the two different sides. For outerwear, he mostly wears parka jackets in neutral colors. The footwear we can frequently see on Maks are his New Balance sneakers or some type of brogues often combined with fun and colorful socks which is a great trick for making your outfit stand out.

We can all agree that finding great clothes is not easy; it requires time but also our determination to do so. For Maks, the best places to find clothes are the Internet, a variety of retailers (such as Zara) and sometimes even second hand shops. But not everyone can do so, because to find a special piece you need to have a sense and talent for fashion, which Maks obviously has.

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Napisala: Arianna Hubak