The Bambi Molesters


If someone asked you to guess where The Bambi Molesters came from, would you say Sisak? They are an internationally respected instrumental surf-rock band contributing to the revival of the 1960s surf genre. I admit I wasn’t aware of their existence either before a friend informed me about. After that I was really bedazzled by them. It’s amazing how music can be soothing and explosive at the same time.


Band members include: Lada Furlan Zaborac on bass guitar, Hrvoje Zaborac on drums, Dalibor Pavičić on guitar and Dinko Tomljanović on the other guitar. They regularly perform all over Europe and Croatia, often being the opening band for R.E.M. Their track “Chaotica” was included in the soundtrack of the wildly popular TV show Breaking Bad, and the InMusic festival in Zagreb recently announced that The Bambi Molesters will be included in the line-up this year.


Napisao: Marko Duvnjak