Where to hide when there’s no place to go?
Maybe all we need is go with the flow
But the flow is going the wrong way
With it, it’s hard to stay.


We’re standing on our own
And we need to explore alone.
A leader? There’s no person like that
You need to guide yourself until you’re dead.
Nobody can tell you where to walk.
On your heart you need to wear a mark.
A mark which says: “I’ll be me,
And that’s all you, folks, need to see.”

_DSC0171Be nerdy, be bad singer, be gamer, be musician
Fight for your position!
You, me and him…
We are here for a reason
We have a role on this planet
While the Earth is changing seasons.
Listen yourself,
Follow your instinct, and remember, you are always on top
Tomorrow, again, you need to pull your socks up!

 Antonela Cerovac