The Universe can be defined as everything that exists, everything that has existed, and everything that will exist only on the basis of our current understanding and knowledge  about it. It’s only when we look up at the sky that we realize exactly what a tiny little speck we are in the grand magnum opus that space is. People are so busy, caught up in their lives that they forget about the existence of something so unknown, and yet so beautiful. Take a look at these 10 amazing and weird facts about the Cosmos.

  1. According to astronauts, space smells like seared steak, hot metal, and welding fumes.
  2. According to researchers, the center of our galaxy tastes like raspberries and smells like rum.
  3. If you could compress the Earth down to the size of a marble, it would collapse on itself and become a black hole.


  1. If you could put Saturn in a bathtub it would float.
  2. There’s a gas cloud in the constellation of Aquila that contains enough alcohol to make 400 trillion trillion pints of beer. J


  1. There is an exoplanet located about 33 light-years away in the constellation of Leo that is covered in burning ice.
  2. When you look into the night sky, you are actually looking back in time. The stars we see in the night sky are very far away from us, so far that the star light we see has taken a long time to travel across space to reach our eyes. This means whenever we look out into the night and gaze at stars we are actually experiencing how they looked like in the past.


  1. Voyager 1 captured the most distant photograph of Earth (the pale blue dot).


  1. The human brain is the most complex object in the known universe. It’s remarkably complicated with a hundred billion neurons, a quadrillion connections, and we still know very little about how this organic super computer operates. It gives us the power to form languages and culture, consciousness, the idea of self, the ability to learn, and understand the universe and reflect on our place within it.
  2. We are all made of stardust! We are basically the Universe experiencing itself in a form we call life.


Napisala: Maria Djerdjaj