When science and art get together

Science and art both rely on observation and synthesis: taking what is seen and creating something new from it. Our society could hardly exist without either, but when they come together our culture is enriched, sometimes in unexpected ways.

The American Society for Microbiologists recently hosted its first international “Agar Art” challenge in which microbiologists from all around the world used various microbes and germs to create beautiful works of art in petri dishes. It included recognizable paintings like Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” as well as original microbe paintings.

The scientists used nutritious agar jelly as a “canvas” for their colorful microbes. While they do add an element of randomness as they grow, they can also do things that paint cannot, some of them emit bio-flourescent light under certain conditions, while others, guided by the scientists, grew into perfect masterpieces.

5. “Harvest season” by Maria Eugenia Inda
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Napisala: Maria Djerdjaj