Wormholes: Fiction or Reality?

Have you ever thought about wormholes? You probably did, but never really stopped to think about how awesome they are! Science fiction literature is full of stories in which wormholes are used for time travel. A wormhole is a hyperspace tunnel that connects together two remotely distant regions within our universe, or two different universes (if other universes exist), or two different periods in time, as in time travel, or different dimensions of space.
wormholes1How much fact lies within the fiction? The answer is: more than you might think. Scientists are looking at ways to use these wormholes (if they exist) to travel faster than the speed of light and even to travel through time itself. To put it simply, a wormhole is a shortcut to another world or universe or even past. I mean, how cool would it be to travel to another universe in a couple of hours or months which would in reality take us a couple of light years. But, for now, this theory remains a mystery.

Napisala: Maria Djerdjaj