“I’d rather die my way than live yours.” Delirium (amor deliria nervosa) by Lauren Oliver

Love was once the most important thing in the world. People did everything for love, including amazing things but also killings and wars. One day a cure was found, a cure for love. A perfect world was created where all the citizens had to receive a cure when they turned eighteen.

Delirium 2Lena Haloway was looking forward to being cured forever. To her, life without love meant life without pain caused by the death of her mother who couldn’t be cured… a safe, predictable and happy life. On the day of her evaluation that will determine her future, the Invalids (rebels against the cure) play a prank by releasing cows into the evaluation room Lena is in. In all that mess, she notices a boy watching her from the balcony . He winks at her. She meets him later and finds out his name is Alex and he’s a Cured, but is he really? He flirts with her and takes her to forbidden places. So why does she start feeling something she can’t explain?

Delirium 3

Delirium is the first book of the triology (Delirium, Pandemonium, Requiem) and possibly one of my favourite books. There’s so much depth put into the story, you get so involved with the characters. Even if you’re not a big fan of romantic stories, this book  you’ll adore, I promise. Not to mention you’ll fall in love with Alex. Delirium is definitely one of those books that will change your opinion, and you will be glad it did.


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