What a crisis

Blog-Crisis-ManagementIt is almost the end oft he year 2015 and all of Euopre is emerged in a so called ”immigrant crisis”. Immigrants from Syria are fleeing before bombs and bullets toward Europe to seek out safety and refuge, and we, as normal human beings, decided to complain and find any excuse to turn them down and send them back.

Many people have decided to help them and hats off to these people and countries, but still the majority stays the same, even acting agressive to these poor people.

„Because they’re terrorists!“
„They just wish to steal our jobs!“
„There’s not enough place for them!“
„They just want to take our comfortable lifestyle!“

First of all what we see here are children, very often alone or with just one parent who are desperately trying their all to protect them. Second, the population of almost all European countries is decreasing and there’s more and more empty job openings left that nobody is willing to fill. We NEED more people, and a study even showed that the increase of population thanks to these immigrants will actually help our crumbling economies. Third, there’s more than enough space for these people. Whichever country I had the chance to travel to I’ve seen more empty buildings that were falling apart than I could even count. There’s surely some place for these people to call home. And forth, and final, living in a demolished house while bombs are set off all around you is something nobody wishes to live with, so being anywhere but THERE is comfortable for these people.

These are people just like us. People who have families and homes, dreams and goals in their lives, just like we do.